Queen Creek

Queen Creek has historically been a rural, ranching town in the East Valley with bountiful crops, cattle ranches, horses and cowboys, and dairy farms. Though the area still boasts of low densities and large lots that create the community’s rural character and open spaces, Queen Creek’s population grew 477% from 1990 to 2005, and totals approximately 19,000 residents today.

With much of the area still a blank slate for development, Queen Creek has done extensive planning to make sure that the area retains its beauty and small town charm as it develops over the next decade. Queen Creek has earned more recognition than most communities its size. It has received awards on a national, state and local level for its innovative General Plan and ordinances, citizen participation and community outreach programs, environmental preservation and leadership, and others. The Town of Queen Creek is committed to continuous improvement and quality innovation in development.

Queen Creek is a town with a low median age, meaning that there is a strong work force and that young families are an integral part of the community’s fabric. The town has a relatively high level median income, meaning that its residents are highly educated with spending power and high expectations for quality in their residential, retail and commercial development.

The city is a partner and supporter of the nearby Williams Gateway Airport Campus and Arizona State University Polytechnic. These campuses offer a variety of business sites, office space development, and educational opportunities and jobs in the aviation, technology, agriculture and research fields. Queen Creek has strong strategic economic development plans, and will continue to expand its offerings to businesses of all sizes with resources and a skilled workforce as it develops.

The Town of Queen Creek offers its residents a sense of small town community, abundant parks, trails and open space, and plenty of places for neighbors to gather and enjoy the outdoors. Attractions such as the Queen Creek Performing Arts Center and the locally owned and operated Schnepf Farms offer quality, wholesome, recreational experiences for the whole family.